Tailored Online Healthcare Integrated Solutions

Take control of your consumer’s healthcare needs by benefitting from advanced-level integrated e-health solutions. To ease healthcare accessibility, utilize APIs, white-label modules, no-code web view integration, and SDK developed by Sehat Kahani which can be integrated into any software solution.

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Integrated Key Features

Sehat Kahani’s integration gives you the option to pick and choose healthcare features according to your business. Choose your preferred feature to get a customized proposal;

  • Digitalization

    Chat, video and audio consultations

    Instant care

    Within 60-seconds


    Emails and in-app notifications

    Uninterrupted care

    24/7 services

    Unlimited access

    Countless consultations

    Electronic Medical Records

    Online medical history

  • Specialized Care

    Expert specialists availability

    Subscription plans

    Monthly and weekly subscription plans

    Promo codes

    Frequent discounts


    Diagnostic tests


    Medicine delivery


    Real-time data utilization

Sehat Kahani Integrations
  • Enhanced user privacy
  • Search by speciality
  • Secured sharing of datasets
  • Integration to your application
  • Healthcare library access
  • Medical documentation
  • Customized healthcare SDK
Web View Integration
  • No-code integration
  • In-app browser window display
  • Display of web pages in Mobile App
  • Personalized Web view integration
White-Label Module
  • Customize Pricing & Plans
  • Personalized healthcare system
  • Customized healthcare features
  • Especially designed for clinics and hospitals
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