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Sehat Kahani’s Healthcare Professionals’ Network offers the perfect blend of flexibility and fair compensation, allowing you to excel in your healthcare career and serve different communities of Pakistan.

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Continue to fulfilling medical career and choose your own working hours and componsation by Sehat Kahani's HCP network

  • Active PMDC Licence
  • 3 Years of Experience
  • Document Verification

Allied Healthcare Works

Discover a supportive community for allied healthcare workers at Sehat Kahani's Healthcare Professionals' Network.

  • Valid Certification
  • 2 Years of Experience
  • Document Verification

Medical Volunteers

Volunteer with Sehat Kahani and help bridge the healthcare gap as a medical volunteer.

  • University Affiliation
  • Document Verification
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Capacity Building

Sehat Kahani ensures capacity building by developing knowledge, commitment, skills, and leadership with the vital mission of enabling optimal healthcare access to individuals, organizations, and communities. It is carried out through training sessions, workshops, and webinars supervised by experts in the field.

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Join Sehat Kahani’s healthcare professional’s network and become part of a community dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes.

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Sehat Kahani’s Online Learning & Development Program

With our Monitoring and Learning Department, we have created CME (Continuous Medical Education) Programs to ensure continuous learning of our professionals. Using live sessions and Online Learning Platform we assure all time availability of learning materials.

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