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To revolutionize the concept of primary healthcare in Pakistan, Sehat Kahani has established premium virtual clinics especially in the low-income areas of Pakistan.

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Sehat Kahani resolves the concerns of healthcare inaccessibility in remote areas owing to commute and treatment unaffordability. We ensure affordable specialized care from examination till treatment by connecting doctors online to the patients at our e-clinics.

How We Serve

With the network spread in all 4 provinces and in AJ&K through a total of 61 e-health clinics, Sehat Kahani has consulted over 654,302+ patients to date. We aim to scale up to a total of 150+ e-clinics by the end of 2023.

What We Offer


Access to qualified and cooperative online General Physicians.

Access to mental wellness experts, Gynaecologist, Pediatricians, Dermatologist & other specialties.

Access to Value Added Services including Drips, Injectable, Nebulization, and Primary care tests.

Access to authentic Ultrasound tests within the clinic and Lab service referrals

Sehat Kahani
Healthcare Drives

Sehat Kahani also conducts preventive healthcare drives entailing healthcare education and awareness around prevalent disease concerns in target communities, especially in rural areas, to bring out a long-term change in behavior and health patterns.

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