Access Hassle-free Online Healthcare With Sehat Kahani

Say goodbye to traffic jams and waiting in queues for doctor’s appointments by downloading the Sehat Kahani app and get instant access to healthcare.

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Why Choose The Sehat Kahani Consumer App?
Access any doctor within 60 Seconds

Allows you to choose doctors of your preference regardless of their location.

Healthcare access to people with impairment

Makes people with impairments more regular with their healthcare appointments.

Wide variety of doctors

Allows you to choose from 7,500+ healthcare professionals & 40+ specialties in a few clicks.

No transportation costs

Eliminates transportation costs as you consult from home.

Healthcare of family

No need to take leaves from work to take your dependents to hospital visits by consulting online with Sehat Kahani.

Protection from infections

Protects you and your loved ones from infectious agents present in hospitals and clinics.

Key Features
  • Access to digitalized healthcare

    Connect and access to specialized healthcare experts digitally via chat, audio, or video consultations within 60 seconds

  • E-pharmacy

    Order medicines online using Sehat Kahani’s E-pharmacy

  • 24/7 quality healthcare

    Link to expert doctors at any time throughout the day

  • Pay as you go

    Pay only for the consultations you take

  • E-prescriptions

    Get in-app notifications and emails of prescriptions

  • Promo codes

    Avail amazing discounts using Sehat Kahani’s promo codes

  • Online medical records

    Keep your medical history safe, accessible, and organized online

  • Flexible payment methods

    Pay via Debit, Credit, Visa, UnionPay, and Mastercard of HBL or Jazz Cash

  • Lab partners

    Order diagnostic tests from our trusted lab partners

  • Log in

    You can register and log in by putting in your basic information, enabling you to access our online doctors with 40+ specialties.

  • Find a Doctor

    In just three clicks, you can connect with an experienced online doctor. Upon choosing the right doctor, you can either consult immediately or book an appointment.

  • Connect

    Connect to digitally equipped and competent doctors who can provide quality online consultations in both English and Urdu languages.

Our Pricing
Consultation with Telenor
Price: Rs. 249
Discount: Rs. 149
Total Consultation: 1
Duration: 1 Month
Speciality: General Physician
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Sehat Monthly Plan +1Week Free
Price: Rs. 1200
Discount: Rs. 999
Total Consultation: 1
Duration: 37 Days
Speciality: General Physician
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Sehat Kahani Self-Care Plan
Price: Rs. 249
Discount: Rs. 1499
Total Consultation: 1
Duration: 1 Month
Speciality: Psychologist
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Sehat Weekly Plan
Price: Rs. 800
Discount: Rs. 700
Total Consultation: 1
Duration: 1 Month
Speciality: General Physician
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