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Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going. Let Sehat Kahani guide your journey with their mental health solutions.

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Why use Sehat Kahani Mental Health Care
Expert advice at subsidized rates

Significantly lower fees than usual for consultations from psychologists and psychiatrists

Access any expert anywhere

Allows you to choose your preferred Mental health expert irrespective of location

Strong referral mechanism

Cooperative framework designed to ensure that users access holistic support

Wellbeing sessions

In-person and online well-being sessions on customized themes and topics

No transportation costs

Terminates transportation costs as you consult from home

Terminates transportation costs as you consult from home

Allows you to choose from a variety of mental health professionals in a few clicks

What Do We Offer?

Consumer Well-being Solution

Sehat Kahani provides quality and prompt mental well-being solutions to its consumer App users. Key features include;

  • On-App psychological and psychiatric consultations
  • On-App prescription generation
  • Referral mechanism
  • Easy and quick appointment booking for online mental well-being experts
Corporate Well-being Solution

Understanding the importance of mental well-being in corporations, Sehat Kahani caters to its corporate partners using the following features;

  • Hassle-free appointment booking for online mental well-being experts
  • On-App psychological and psychiatric consultations
  • Referral mechanism
  • On-App prescription generation
  • In-person and live well-being sessions for employees
In Person Well-being Session

Increase your mindfulness and learn better coping mechanisms with Sehat Kahani’s in-person well-being sessions conducted by experts;

  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Art Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Yoga and Fitness sessions
  • Sessions on customized themes and topics
Sehat Kahani Mental Health Helpline

Reach out to Sehat Kahani anytime you need. In partnership with British Asian Trust, Sehat Kahani offers a dedicated 9-to-9 mental well-being helpline especially catered to individuals who may find it difficult to afford mental health services.

  • Psychological Tele-Consultation
  • Referral mechanism
  • E-Prescriptions generation
Mental Health Consultations In Sehat Kahani E-Hubs

Sehat Kahani offers affordable mental health consultations in low-income communities. Our key partners for this include UNDP, British Asian Trust, Vitol Foundation, Caretech, and Cosaraf to name a few.

Impact Made By Sehat Kahani’s Mental Health Solutions

To date, Sehat Kahani has successfully conducted 47,000+ consultations through their channels. We are currently providing mental well-being services within 61 of the Sehat Kahani clinics and more than 15+ corporates use our mental well-being services.

Sehat Kahani's well-being portfolio and partnerships